NCB Presents: The Call of the Cowboy

When the bear wants to spend the afternoon photographing birds, the exuberant cowboy inadvertently makes a nuisance of himself as he loudly chews bubble gum, hops on a pogo stick and slurps a pop. When the ninja just wants to read quietly, the cowboy is wildly distracting as he drums on rocks, bats a paddleball and gabs on his cell phone. The cowboy's boisterous mood prompts the ninja and the bear to drop their respective activities, leaving their pal alone to wonder why no one wants to be with him. Can he find the peace and quiet he needs to figure it out?

Readers will appreciate the warm and witty approach to getting along and will also love the playfully bold illustrations rife with fun-to-spot detail.


Bruins and Leung return with their exuberant trio of three individuals who sometimes have to put in some effort to make their friendship work. The mix of full-bleed, spot and panel computer-generated illustrations again gives the simple tale visual pizzazz, and the cartoon characters virtually leap off the page.

Kirkus Reviews