Ninja Cowboy Bear

The Books!

What started as a telling of the Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear has grown into a series of books.

These are available in both hardcopy and as eBooks - ask for them at your favourite retailer or look for them in your local library!

Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear

The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear The ninja, the cowboy and the bear do everything together — they paint pictures, compare cloud shapes in the sky, fly kites and much more. Though each friend is very different from one another, they enjoy each other's company. Until one day when they begin quarreling and compete to see which one is the best. When each contest leads to more resentment, it seems the friends will never stop disagreeing. Only when they learn to be considerate of their differences do they finally realize how much they appreciate each other.

The cute, yet stylized artwork combined with a fun story about friendship and celebrating differences make this legend an unforgettable one.

This playfully illustrated picture book also includes instructions for the Ninja-Cowboy-Bear game, which is similar to Rock Paper Scissors except that kids use their whole body.

A Kirkus Starred Review

In all it's a wonderfully integrated package about friendship, competition and the celebration of difference.
Kirkus Review

The Way of the Ninja

The Way of the NinjaThe creators of The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear return with a high-energy story about friendship. This time, the daring ninja learns that the greatest thrills and the best adventures are the ones we share.

The ninja's playtime games are too rough-and-tumble for his friends the cowboy and the bear. The ninja isn't interested in his friends' games — and playing all by himself isn't much fun. Can the rambunctious ninja ever meet his friends halfway?

Children will easily relate to the lesson about mutual respect embedded in a story about three different but nonetheless close friends.

The Call of the Cowboy

The Call of the CowboyWhen the bear wants to spend the afternoon photographing birds, the exuberant cowboy inadvertently makes a nuisance of himself as he loudly chews bubble gum, hops on a pogo stick and slurps a pop. When the ninja just wants to read quietly, the cowboy is wildly distracting as he drums on rocks, bats a paddleball and gabs on his cell phone. The cowboy's boisterous mood prompts the ninja and the bear to drop their respective activities, leaving their pal alone to wonder why no one wants to be with him.

Can he find the peace and quiet he needs to figure it out?

Readers will appreciate the warm and witty approach to getting along and will also love the playfully bold illustrations rife with fun-to-spot detail.

The Nature of the Bear

Coming someday?!


Learn how to play Ninja Cowboy Bear - the game, or download some activities such as colouring sheets, posters, or paper crafts

The Game!

Ninja Cowboy Bear Game Step 1
Line up back to back with your partner.
Ninja Cowboy Bear Game Step 2
Take three steps away from each other.
Ninja Cowboy Bear Game Step 3
On 'three' turn and strike your pose!
Ninja Cowboy Bear Game Step 4
See who wins - then play again!

Who Wins?

Who Wins at Ninja Cowboy Bear

Colouring Sheets

Download and print these colouring sheets for colouring at home, or school, or anywhere!

Ninja Colouring Sheet Cowboy Colouring Sheet Bear Colouring Sheet Band Colouring Sheet Sledding Colouring Sheet Snowman Colouring Sheet Ninja Valentines Colouring Sheet Cowboy Valentines Colouring Sheet Bear Valentines Colouring Sheet Valentines Colouring Sheet


Download, cut-out, colour and paste together these paper crafts!

Ninja Cowboy Bear Paper Toys

Ninja Cowboy Bear Masks

Ninja Cowboy Bear Door Hangers

Ninja Cowboy Bear Dice Game

Ninja Cowboy Bear Megaphone

Ninja Cowboy Bear Noise Maker (Paper Firecracker)

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